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My Annual Birthday Wishlist! (Mark June 27th off on your calendar!)

As always, here's my wishlist for my birthday! (I'm used to not getting most of what I put here or I end up getting them for myself over the course of the summer, but for some reason, I just love the tradition. *smile*).

1) A Fitness Bootcamp for a Month: Any good one will do. I just need a few weeks to get completely on point. Early mornings/ evenings work. Trying to preserve my sexy. :)

2) Lexicon Alpha Desktop Recording Studio: I'm trying to do some home recording work, but I need the interface to get it popping. Invest in my future! lol

3) Sailor Moon on DVD: One of my childhood favs NEEDS to be in my collection. "Fighting evil by moonlight...winning love by daylight...Never running from a real fight..." (OR you can just get me the COMPLETE Collection)

4) "Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America" by Melissa V. Harris-Perry: Considering my current passion for studying and exploring the cause and effect of today's race & gender relations issues, this book would be a blessed addition to my collection.

5) Dance Magic by Photographer Richard Calmes: I stumbled across his photography on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the amazing images and stories behind how he capured these epic scenes of movement from some awesome dancers. I'd love to have this in my collection. 


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I think I can help you with at least one of those...but I gotta say, when I worked at Bulletproof selling anime you Sailor Moon people were the worst...LOL

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