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5 Reasons Why Coe College (Iowa) is Fly:  

1) Obama's first internet conversation regarding his candidacy as president was at Coe College. The senator from Illinois teamed up with the duo of MTV and Myspace to create the Presidential Dialogue at Coe College that took place on Monday, October 29 2007.

2) The name Coe College stands for 'co-education.' In 1851, when one of the major donors to the college decided to give money, he stipulated that women also be allowed to get an education.

3) Crazy, domesticated squirrels. They chill on campus like they pay tuition. One guy said he walked up and pet one before.

4) FLUNK DAY!!! No one knows when it's going to happens, but one morning students get awakened to RAs yelling "Flunk Day!" On this day, the administration cancels all classes (no matter what's going on that day, test or not), and they bring in carnival rides & activities for the entire school to enjoy. Being that this is a wet campus, there's a specific alcohol fund for this day. The professors plan for it. "I know you have a mid-term due tomorrow, but in case of Flunk Day..." Freakin awesome!

5) I had the most welcoming host student, Deidre Gomm. She was such a sweety, and she stayed with me the entire time, even as we drove through the blackout that shut the lights off half the town. 


New Song- "Clock Out" Live from Sullivan Hall

Did you miss my show on November 24th at Sullivan Hall NYC? Here's the new song I featured that night called "Clock Out." I know you'll love it, especially my women who are about their business while still on the dating scene. Let these fellas know that you'll see them when you clock out. 


5 Reasons Why University of West Florida is Fly:

1) You can't call their dorms "dorms." They're "Residence Halls." The whole campus features apartment-style residence halls that would make any New Yorker jealous. Call it a dorm, and the students will flip on you.

2) The campus was built on a nature preserve. The college can't build buildings higher than a certain height, for fear that the animals will feel like they're out of their habitat.

3) There are no classes on Fridays. That is unless you're in the sciences. Then you MIGHT have lab.

4) Forgotten bikes are recycled. The college has a 'Yellow Bike System.' They take abandoned bikes, paint them yellow, and leave them around campus for students to pick up and use. (Apparently the foreign exchange students like to use them to ride to the mall). Only issue is, they're some times hard to find. People take pleasure in hiding the bikes from potential riders.

5) The animals aren't afraid of people. Maybe they know it's THEIR wildlife preserve, but the raccoons, alligators, birds, and other creatures on campus take their time getting around without fear.


5 Reasons Why The University of Wisconsin- Madison is Fly: 

1. "Teach me how to Bucky." The college mascot is Bucky the Badger who does the "Dougie" dance to his version called "Teach Me How to Bucky." He also does push-ups for each point UWM scores in a game.

2. "BROOOKLYN!!!" Students will loudly and proudly rep wherever they are from in the middle of any school event, and it's allowed.

3. Playboy named their college library as one of the top 10 non-alcoholic places to meet singles.

4. Students regularly wear "Bucky Did Your Mom" shirts to games.

5. There are cows on campus that make all of the school's ice cream, cheese, and dairy. Talk about fresh!


5 Reasons Why American International College is Fly:

1. The Campus is like Cheers. The President of the school knows everybody's name.

2. Their mascot might be able to beat up your mascot. Their Yellow Jacket mascot has some serious muscles. 

3. You'll always have company to party. There's a Japanese student named Tom that attends EVERY event, EVERY party, EVERY game. He's like a celebrity.

4. The second floor bathroom in Hines Freshman Hall is haunted. If you tinkle up there, you MIGHT have some company...

5. The college is located in Springfield, MA, the birthplace of basketball.  In 1959, the Basketball Hall of Fame was founded here, where the first game was held.