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Video: White Girl Singing "Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown

Yo.... This sista is ILL. Listen to her riffs over the hook. For several reasons, I love this video.


Teach Me How to Bucky- Official Mascot Dance for University of Wisconsin- Madison

It's the coolest thing! Go Bucky the Badger!

I wish my school had a cool song for our mascot. (Go Utica College, can pioneers dance?)


5 reasons Why The University of Wisconsin- Whitewater is Fly: 

1) There's a watertower on campus...and it's haunted.

2) The freshman paint the campus road purple at beginning of year. Great tradition to get free manual labor. J/K

3) The campus is split between two counties.

4) The official school dance is the Warhawk Strut. It's kinda like the Cupid Shuffle but not. Pretty cool tho!

5) UW-Whitewater Wheelchair basketball player Mike Scott was in the Nike commercial called "No Excuses"



5 Reasons Why The University of Wisconsin- Green Bay is Fly: 

1) On graduation day, students throw tennis shoes up into trees

2) Traditionally, students spend their first night on campus exploring the haunted chapel.

3) Every room on campus has it's own bathroom. No community bathrooms, even as a freshman! 

4) Their football team has been undefeated since 1965. Uh, it's because there hasn't been a team since then. The football program got discontinued.

5) Their mascot is the Phoenix but they almost were The Fighting Tomatoes. It was a decided by a school-wide vote, although rumor has it that The Fighting Tomatoes won the election and the college board made an executive decision.


5 Reasons Why Ripon College is Fly:  

1) Harrison Ford flunked out of Ripon College. He refuses to acknowledge he ever went here but school records hold the truth.

2) There is a cemetery in the CENTER of the campus. Like right in the middle.

Two famous squirrels go here:

3) Stubbs, the squirrel without a tail who's been around for years...unless he's breeding more tail-less squirrels

4) Rip The Squirrel, who has THE CUTEST holiday song!

5) Speaking of Christmas, The President of the College reads a pop-up book in the Great Hall with his dog for all the students at the annual Holiday Event. Students come in their pajamas to hear him read and show the pictures. AND, the President goes around from door to door in the dorms giving out holiday cookies.