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5 Reasons Why Arcadia University is FLY:

1. They had to change the University name. The school used to be called Beaver College, but they changed the name because Beaver College would continuously send surfers to a pornography website.

2. They have the highest number of students that Study Abroad. Is that a good or bad thing?

3. Every year there is a drag show to win the title "Mr. Beaver." It's a traditional on-campus event. How YOU doin'?

4. The Castle Dorm was once a place where slaves stayed. A piece of Black history for y'all.

5. The Arc (college radio station) won a contest in 2009, sponsored by American Eagle Apparel, which makes the Arc the exclusive station of all American Eagle stores. Now I'll be listening to see if it's still on.


5 Reasons Why University of Pittsburg at Johnstown is FLY!

1. Mount Cat Club on campus has the BEST Pumpkin Milkshakes. I don't even LIKE anything pumpkin other than their seeds, but THIS was freakin awesome!.

2. Students enjoy on-campus sledding. There are some steep hills and slopes nearby. WoooHooo!

3. Check out the Bag Lady (No, not Erykah Badu). There's a lady who comes on campus with a stroller. She attaches bags and bags of the 'treasure' she finds in the on-campus garbage and takes it home. How do we know? Every year, the City comes by to make her throw some of it out.

4. You can't help but feel safe with campus safety on double duty. They make it so hard to do bad things on campus, especially on the first week of school. Freshmen, look out!

5. Behold the famous Unicorn Man. He's a celebrity on campus for his red pants with one leg rolled up and the way he wraps his dreadlocks up on the front of his head like a Unicorn...Thus the name. There are many urban myths about him. Maybe someone should just ask him.


5 Reasons Why Albright College (PA) is FLY:

1. On your birthday, you get PONDED. To celebrate another year of life, students throw you into the on-campus pond. (Much better than a birthday song ay TGI Fridays.)

2. One of the Creators of YouTube went to Albright. I hope he's a big alumni donor. :)

3. There's a Breakdancing Crew. Straight out of "You Got Served," the college breakdancing crew, Scandelous, was named by an international student from Japan.

4. Jake's Place has the best Philly Cheesesteaks and Chai Lattes around. I can co-sign on the on-campus spot's cheesesteaks. Didn't get to try the Chai, but I take their word for it.

5. They stood up for equal rights in 1948. Albright and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore played the first intercollegiate football game between an Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) institution and a majority-white institution.


5 Reasons Why Old Dominion University is FLY:

1. "Big Blue" is the Capital One National Mascot of the Year. ODU's mascot, a lion named Big Blue, is the 2010 winner of the national mascot of the year award. School spirit rocks!

2. They have a Quiddich team. Yes, the famed sport from the Harry Potter Books. Students break into teams, get on brooms and run around.

3. Before you graduate, you have to ride the Lion. Speaking of lions, there's a statue of one in the center of campus that students sneak a ride on top before they leave the university. It's actually not allowed by the administration, so if you get caught, one student says you have to write a reflective essay.

4. There's a Ghost Hunter Club. Just in case you think cafeteria food isn't spooky enough, there's a club you can join to search for apparitions and haunted places.

5. Old Dominion University was named by royalty. It derives its name from one of Virginia's state nicknames, "The Old Dominion." Given to the state by King Charles II of England for remaining loyal to the crown during the English Civil War, the nickname serves as a reminder of ODU's royal roots.


5 Reasons Why Longwood University is FLY:

1. There are a lot of random art sculptures and pieces on campus. They used to have a two-headed rubber duckie on campus but it got sold. Don't ask who bought that.

2. The Chi is always watching... There's a secret society called The Chi that walk around in hoods (not White ones) and make sure that LU students are all following the honor code of the University. They leave little notes around campus. (Kinda creepy but cool, huh?)

3. Oozeball is the sport of choice. It's volleyball but the focus is on playing it in the mud. They even add water to make sure the mud is the right texture.

4. The highlight of Oktober Fest is COLOR WARS. Based on graduating year, the classes are divided into the red team and the green team. The goal is to cover the other team in your color. Which ever team is covered the most by the other teams color loses. (They like to get dirty at LU.)

5. Crowns are good luck; Rotundas are bad luck. Throughout campus in random places, there are crowns and blue rotundas on the concrete paths. The crowns are good luck if you step on them (one student said he makes sure to step on three before he takes a test). The rotundas are bad luck (one student said stepping on them means you'll have blue babies). So if you see a crowd of people fighting to walk on spot on the path or, conversely, if you see a crowd of students randomly parting like Moses and the Red Sea, you know why.