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5 Reasons Why Bethany College is Fly:  

1. The town has their own species of insects and mushrooms. 

2. Their founder, Alexander Campbell, also founded the Disciples of Christ denomination. 

3. Students celebrate Alexander Campbell the college founder's death by going to his graveyard and telling ghost stories. 

4. The town of Bethany IS Bethany College. They have ONE post office, ONE general store, and they USED to have ONE bar (it just got closed down). 

5. A student from Bethany discovered a real species of bird that lived on Endor in the "Star Wars Return of the Jedi" movie. 


Check out this awesome poem by Jasmine Mans

"Nicki Minaj" by Jasmine Mans

I remember when this sister slammed for the NJ Youth Slam Team back in like 2007-2008... She was dope back then, and look at the awesome poet she's grown into. I wish her much success.


Whip My Hair by Willow Smith...featuring a parrot

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love this song. But tell me this isn't the cutest thing!!!!! 

Whip it real good! :)


5 Reasons Why Southern New Hampshire University is Fly:

1. They run two cities. Interestingly enough, half the campus is considered to be in Manchester, the other half is considered Hooksett.

2. Their mascot, The Penman, was drawn by the same artist who designed the Patriots logo. Shoutout to Phil Bissell!

3. Their Culinary Program were the creators of the world's largest Boston Cream Pie. Yum!

4. The Last Chapter Pub on campus has some awesome free cheeseballs. I was on stage salivating.

5. Happy Gilmore. Adam Sandler actually hails from Manchester, NH.


5 Reasons Why University of Pittsburg at Bradford is Fly:

1) AHHH I'm a monster!!!! There an annual game called Humans vs Zombies.It's kind of a game of tag where three upper classmen start out as zombies. When they tag humans, the humans become zombies. Humans have nerf guns & shoot 'zombies' from anywhere…even from trees.


2) Every year, the school freshmen get to go to the White House and sing the alma mater to the President.

3) There's a creepy rock in the shape of Ben Franklin's face that marks the center of the University Room.

4) Before it was a college, it was an airport. The first piper cub airplane was built here.

5) "The World is a Scary Place." Around Halloween, each club on campus does educational workshops on scary REAL things. Ex. Student Government Association did a lecture on mind control, the Education Club did a presentation on literacy rates, and the Dance Team danced in halloween costumes.