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It's that time again!
Interested in being a part of a FLASH MOB for WORLD LUPUS DAY in NYC???? (May 10th @ 12:00pm). It's gonna be awesome. All levels welcomed.

As many of you know, I have Lupus and it affects 1.6 million people in the US every year, primarily women of color. I guarantee you, someone you know has Lupus.

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Recap: 3/22 Show at The Cutting Room NYC


It was a great time this past weekend at The Cutting Room NYC! I had such a blast performing with such an amazing band: Shoutout to Nate Jones on bass, Walt on guitar, Divine on Keys, Kamaala for always being the dopest background singer a gal could ask for.

While I did mostly songs and poems from my album, AIM HIGH, the biggest treat in my opinion was closing the show with Pharrell's "Happy." People were on their feet jamming and clapping and singing along. It was simply great having so many people there showing love!

Here are some pictures:


Markita & Giselle- my support sisters since Utica College days

My crew that I grew up with at Lighthouse SDA Church


NYC Show: Saturday, March 22nd @ 9:30pm- The Cutting Room NYC

You've asked and here it is! A big NYC show for you all. (I haven't had one in months!) Advance tix are just $10! Get em here:


Winner of the 2013-2014 YBG Nina Simone Award for Artistic Excellence

Just a quick thank you to the awesome folk at Young Gifted & Black Entrepeneurial Awards for selecting me as the winner of the 2013-2014 YBG Nina Simone Award for Artistic Excellence. It was an amazing night at LQ-NYC where myself and several of the premier African & Caribbean Americans were recognized for our various contributions in our different ways, from fashion to management to public service. 



Quote of the week: Strength For Hard Times

This is a hard request. To tell you to not ask "Why me?" and not only pray for healing but to pray for strength to deal with the healing process seems almost insensitive to what you're going through. However, this prayer for faith and courage to face your circumstance is way more valuable than praying your troubles away. Learning how to remain powerful in situations where you are powerless provide you the strength to overcome ANY and ALL situations that may come your way. And always remember, you got through so many bad moments in the past; this one is no different. You'll get through this as well. This too shall pass. (I pick these quotes way in advance, and sometimes it's sooo spot on with what I'm going through in the present. I'm speaking to you all but I'm speaking to myself as well.)